Sri.M.Siva Prasad

M.Sc., M.A., B.Ed. (NET & AP-TET)

Assistant Professor in English | 
Viswam Degree & P.G. College
Angallu, Mandanapalle
Annamayya District 
+91 7989683048

About The Department

The Department of Humanities at our esteemed Institution. The Department of Humanities is the most dynamic department of the Institution. Here, the corridors echo with the pulse of innovation and the fervor of intellectual discovery. As the heartbeat of our academic landscape, this department stands as a beacon, guiding students into the enthralling realms of Journalism & Mass Media, and Psychology. Our mission is not merely academic—it's an immersive journey where aspiring journalists learn to craft impactful narratives, budding psychologists delve into the complexities of the human mind, and our collective pursuit of knowledge shapes the future.


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences aims for academic and professional excellence in the areas of Psychology, and languages, along with the holistic development of the students. It intends to provide value-based education with total commitment and interdisciplinary approaches so that it can produce socially responsible citizens.

  • To develop an advanced comprehensive talent in the students of Humanities and Social Sciences through Innovative and Sustainable academic programmes.
  • To produce dynamic individuals who can train young minds to meet the challenges of the modern world.
  • To conduct quality research and projects on various aspects of the Humanities and Social Sciences and collect educational statistics to develop information.
  • To equip individuals with a contemporary set of skills to deal with life as effectively as possible and to nurture our students to understand the nature and needs of life.
  • To motivate learners in the realization and actualization of his/her genuine capabilities so that they can be important contributors to a larger institutional mission.
  • To encourage research-based approaches and analytical mindset in the area of Psychology, Economics, Political Science, History, Sociology, and Languages.
  1. Telugu
  2. English
  3. Sanskrit
  4. Hindi
  5. Urdu